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Our 3D printers allow you to create and print functional end-use parts directly from your desktop or office.  Attain custom parts with fine feature details and exceptionally smooth surfaces with the click of a button and begin directing your new product design, packaging or tooling needs with precision and confidence. Yes, in addition to quick and accurate prototyping for visualization, testing, evaluation and communication, our machines and services enable streamlined end use production for more efficient and affordable design-to-manufacture solutions.

Injection molding is still  the preferred process for manufacturing plastic parts in larger volumes, which is why it is used  to create things such as housings, containers, bottle caps, combs and other mass market applications. One of the reasons injection molding is ideal  for producing high volumes of plastic parts is because several parts can be produced in each cycle by using multi-cavity injection molds. Other advantages include high tolerance precision, repeatability and a large material selection.

Once relied upon for prototyping, design verification and testing, 3D Systems’ machines now print functional, end-use aerospace and defense parts.  Our printers’ materials and build capabilities have reduced aerospace part number and weight while  improving overall efficiency in meaningful and measurable ways, unattainable through traditional manufacturing methods.  And the ability to print replacement parts on-demand rather than filling expensive and limited space with inventory?  It’s no small wonder our technology is taking flight.

For over 20 years, 3D Systems has accelerated vehicle design with its professional and production additive manufacturing systems and services.  Our 3D printers have enabled our design and engineering customers to produce functional and durable parts with efficiency-improving build complexities that are unachievable through traditional means, in addition to giving them bridge- and direct manufacturing capabilities.  Whether the need is to improve fuel economy, optimize part count to weight ratios, or eliminate tooling costs, our ability to put automotive and transportation specialists on the fast track to success revs both our engine and theirs.



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